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Covidoverload: Thoughts On Coronaconspiracies

The world is a bizarre place, filled with unknowable oddities and questionable realities, and adding to this is some of the strange posts that pop up from friends on things like Facebook. I’ve seen anti-vax Bill Gates stuff, the 5G effect with a side order of microchipping coming to a brain near you, the establishment’s deliberate over-estimation of deaths from

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Lock Down Reading: New Dark Age

Irony time. I’ve been trying to avoid social media – the sheer paranoiac lock down, pandemic, sensory over load of endless data streams pouring forth a 24hr rolling situation where there’s actually nothing you can do but accept your powerlessness. And things like Facebook just become echo chambers of political satisfaction/dissatisfaction, socio-economic horror stories or celebs bemoaning their isolation in

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