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Letting It Go

Anyone would have suspected that some kind of happiness would follow the completion of the revised draft, but for reasons unknown it been an anticlimax. It all came together so fast, tied up nicely and then just dropped off. I had arrived at the destination with such speed no one else was there yet. I blinked and looked around, then

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The Joy of Restraint

Salutations dear readers. Following my standard pattern of doing some blogging and then just disappearing for months on end it seems that the cycle has come around and here we are in June with an update on what’s been happening. Well, for a start I stopped going to the cafe to work, and while it is certainly important to find

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July 2015 Update

Progress as of June 15th (and my first Youtube vid) Away With The Fairies as of June 21st So, yes, the week before the Solstice I had actually finished the first draft of my book – the vid was made just before that to show what can be achieved even by just spending a few hours here and there writing.

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