RSR: Glossary of Terms

In an attempt to help those readers who might get lost in the sheer number of names and terms, I have begun to compile a list to assist you. Feel free to share any thoughts, comments or suggestions.

  • Adrahan – a library, cultural nexus and museum. Many scholars work at the Adrahan in a variety of roles.
  • (The) Aether – the vast expanse of empty air that surrounds the Floating Lands.
  • Airedale – the upper side district of the urban wealthy.
  • Asclepius – the City of the Shining Spires, a trading hub for over 100 worlds.
  • Aura – a freelance, professional dive company made of veterans, mercenaries and volunteers.
  • Automatons – autonomous robotic helpers, often used in secure areas for menial tasks or as supplemental labour.
  • Bel Pease – large river that runs down from the Nokkelost Dam to the city, feeding into Lake Charolais, then flowing south to the Rim.
  • Bierkase – the lower side district of the urban poor.
  • (The) Bundz – an abandoned industrial district built around rich mineral deposits. It was abandoned due to unstable geological strata.
  • Casu Marzu – the large, fertile plain, irrigated by the water from the Nokkelost Dam and the Bel Pease River.
  • Charolais – central lake of the city that surrounds Panquehue. It’s northern side is dotted with the pleasure manses of the Kashkaval.
  • Civic Authority (CA) – the main administrative body that runs the city on behalf of the Guild.
  • Data-tab – handheld devices similar to your tablet.
  • Dauphin Bridge – one of the three colossal bridges that connect Panquehue to the city.
  • Dendrosymbrae – symbiotic life forms comprised of large, tree like bodies and small,  embryonic ‘heads’ that live in a special nook of the body. They are intelligent, very strong and passive.
  • Dive – slang for the Guild’s Prospecting and Exploration Transfer programme. Volunteers are paid to explore unknown locations as the Guild continues its work of mapping all destinations. Lucky finds can make the finder incredibly wealthy.
  • Fium’Orbu – a mysterious race referred to in the folk tales of the mountain communities as predating the arrival of humans on Svecia.
  • (The) Flight – is the mythic story of how the Guild was formed and fled oppression
  • (The) Founding – is the mythic story of how the heroes of the Flight discovered and named Svecia, as well as the abandoned, alien city which they settled.
  • Gamonedo – hero of the Founding who slew Kachokabaro in the catacombs beneath Panquhue.
  • Gneblim – shorter than humans and green skinned, they are reknown for tinkering with technology and have a cult/religion based on augmentations. These ritual surgeries are carried out by “The Unmade”, specialists who have sacrifice years to the service of others.
  • (The) Guild of Cartographers & Navigators – the ruling power of the city and descendents of the Founding who discovered the abandoned gateway system and quickly surmised that it allowed instantaneous travel between two locations. Since then the Guild has used it to build a massive trading empire, positioning themselves in the middle. They continue the project of mapping the unknown locations via the Prospecting and Exploration Transfer programme.
  • Imsil – a mountain community reknown for its cheese. Its inhabitants are marked by fair skin and red hair, said to predate the arrival of the Flight.
  • Innes Baton – small town on the Rim where the Bel Pease forms a delta before flowing into the Aether.
  • Iona Cromag – the largest of the Shining Spires, the Guild’s central tower on Panquehue.
  • Kachokabaro – mythic monster slain by Gamonedo during the Founding. Was said to have multiple heads on long necks, and was said to be able to “bleed until the end of days” without dying.
  • Kashkaval – the trade council comprised of the wealthiest families in Asclepius, although they are not of the Guild itself.
  • Kesong Puti – the extensive shanty town that lies outside the western wall.
  • Ketem – the elite, hereditary soldiers of the Guild.
  • Kopanisti – the arena of sports and capital punishments. Private gambling on Kopanisti events is punishable by death in the arena itself.
  • Majdoule – the manufacturing/industrial district
  • Maredsous – the large road that connects the city’s Svecia Ring to the northern suburbs  and agricultural lands of the Casu Marzu. It runs all the way to Sbrinz.
  • Mohant – a mountain community reknown for its cheese. Its inhabitants are marked by fair skin and red hair, said to predate the arrival of the Flight.
  • Nokkelost – name given both to the lake and the dam that created it.
  • Oltermanni – serious crimes division of the Civic Authority police department. Notoriously corrupt.
  • Oscypek – large forest on the other side of the mountains, purported to be where the Flight first landed.
  • Panamellera – mountain range that runs from Nokkelost down to the Bundz and ends just north of Asiago.
  • Panquehue – the bastion island at the centre of Lake Charolais.
  • Parenica – the warehouse district.
  • Pelardon – town north of Vurda that borders the mountains and connects Sbrinz to the Maredsous. (Note: Pelardon Hills is named after the fact that you can see all the way to Pelardon from the crown of the hill on a good day).
  • Prospecting and Exploration Transfer – see “Dive”.
  • Pultost – the uppoer side district of the urban poor.
  • Pyengana – birds native to the island of Panquehue, associated with Sveciaost.
  • Rhizomatic Data Network (RDN) – the city’s digital information network, similar to the internet but with an emphasis on more utilitarian purposes.
  • Salamara Bridge – part of the Svecia ring that crossed the Bel Pease between the Bierkase and the Pultost.
  • Scratchers – small communities who ‘scratch’ a living from the Bundz, either by recycling/discovering abandoned goods from the days of industrial development, or by digging up trinkets and oddities belonging to the “Makers”.
  • Skimmer Technology – reverse engineering of the frictionless road/transport systems left by the original inhabitants that uses repulsion technology.
  • (The) Sundering – a mythic event  which split the world into the Floating Lands.
  • Terminal – similar to a lap top or desk top computer, used in similar fashion for administrative work, diagnostics and access to the cities RDN (see Rhizomatic Data Network).
  • Turunmaa Bridge – one of the three colossal bridges that connect Panquehue to the city.
  • Sbrinz – small town nestled at the foot of the mountains and which connects the isolated communities of Imsil and Mohant to Maredsous.
  • Svecia – the land discovered during the Flight, named after the Founders’ patron deity.
  • Svecia Ring – huge, multilaned ring road that circles Lake Charolais.
  • Sveciaost – the Founders’ patron deity of good fortune, luck and success. Now the Guild’s patron deity, often represented by the pyengana.
  • Undervine – the name given to the city’s criminal network.
  • Utinymn – a long dead race of non-humans.
  • Vulscombe Bridge – one of the three colossal bridges that connect Panquehue to the city.
  • Vurda – large town north of the Casu Marzu, half way between Asclepius and the mountain town of Pelardon.

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