NOVEL: Red Star Rising

Red Star Rising is the first novel of the Bottled Time series. You can download a preview of Part 1: Roll The Dice below.

Asclepius, the City of the Shining Spires, once the home of people’s long since vanished. The ancient gateways they left behind has made the Guild of Navigators and Cartographers rich and powerful, the overlords of a trading hub that spans a hundred worlds.

But not everyone is a beneficiary of such ancient mysteries…..

When Shale and Scamorza lose all their money on a smuggling scam, their desperation leads them to consider taking a “dive”, a prospector’s mission through the Guild’s portals to an unknown location. It’s a roll of the dice for the brave and the foolish, but great riches might await them if fortune is smiling…..

Or perhaps just a quick death if their luck holds.

Meanwhile agents of differing interests are at work within the criminal fraternity of the Undervine, but just what the greater objectives might be remains unclear……

Red Star Rising is the first in a series of exciting, modern pulp fantasy novels set against a backdrop of forgotten epochs, cosmological improbabilities and strange destinies.