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Talking To Myself: Dec 2019 (Out of the Hermit Hole)

“Twas a cold and frosty night….”I look over and Crow is shaking his head.“Erm….” I search around for a different tack and venture forth with, “Once upon a time?”“No. It was only a couple of weeks actually.” He gives me that look with his pupils all dark and deep. “So it’s not like we’re entering the realm of the enchanted,

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Crumbs For Crow #3: Apocalypse Disco

 Apocalypse DiscoPfff! The dust is settling and everyone’s suddenly playing the existential blues on a vintage guitar with two strings while some journalistic hack bangs away on an old, broken piano tuned by an establishment that can only summon enough cognitive prowess to think in black and white.The proverbial arse has fallen out of the universe it seems, and what

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Crumbs For Crow #2: Everything’s Ruined/Nothing Works

Everything’s Ruined/Nothing WorksHello my delicious sinners. You look sad. What’s the matter? Still languishing in the horror of your own samasarian nightmares? Poor you. You have my sympathies, you really do. It’s not, after all, your fault so why pressure ourselves unnecessarily with personal responsibilities? I mean, look around. It’s not like you weren’t being used like a tool from

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