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Talking To Myself: Dec 2019 (Out of the Hermit Hole)

“Twas a cold and frosty night….”I look over and Crow is shaking his head.“Erm….” I search around for a different tack and venture forth with, “Once upon a time?”“No. It was only a couple of weeks actually.” He gives me that look with his pupils all dark and deep. “So it’s not like we’re entering the realm of the enchanted,

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The Road Behind, The Road Ahead (From Summer Into Autumn)

Banging your head against a brick wall would appear to be preferable to writing submission letters. In terms of simplicity and result it’s far quicker and easier with an obvious outcome. Because your novel, which you now wonder if it’s not just a steaming pile of manure, has taken on the properties of a stone collar that’s clamped around your

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