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The Road Behind, The Road Ahead (From Summer Into Autumn)

Banging your head against a brick wall would appear to be preferable to writing submission letters. In terms of simplicity and result it’s far quicker and easier with an obvious outcome. Because your novel, which you now wonder if it’s not just a steaming pile of manure, has taken on the properties of a stone collar that’s clamped around your

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Crow Amuses Himself #2: Everything’s Ruined/Nothing Works

(A Gibbering Fool Presents) Everything’s Ruined/Nothing Works Hello my delicious sinners. You look sad. What’s the matter? Still languishing in the horror of your own samasarian nightmares? Poor you. You have my sympathies, you really do. It’s not, after all, your fault so why pressure ourselves unnecessarily with personal responsibilities? I mean, look around. It’s not like you weren’t being

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