About The Author

67534624_10157966789593488_8836245434507722752_oFrom my years reading on the bus to school I became a keen enthusiast of fantasy. By college my form tutor remarked that with “a bottle of whiskey and a type writer” that I could be a writer.

Over the years I was in and out of work, never settling on a ‘career’, and when I was offered a chance to study Anthropology I dived in and even spent two semesters at the University of New Mexico.

By the time I returned to work, I had built a foundation of material and eventually quit to pursue a full time writing schedule. Along the way I became an amateur musician, played with the King’s Drums at Avebury and Stonehenge, a stay at home father and read people’s tarot cards for beer money. These days I live year round in a yurt with my family in the curiously named hamlet of Mogador.


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