Fresh Minis, My Brain & Using the Light Box

……. The Barbarian from Heroquest

When I was a child I was diagnosed with hyperactivity by a child psychologist. I’m not sure, but I suppose it would be called ADHD these days – I’ve never really thought about much. But I do wonder if that has a bearing on my mental state. I find it hard to turn off, and want to read, do some writing, practice some guitar, write a novel, compose an album, instigate a revolution…..

And sometimes these conflicts make it hard to concentrate when doing something like reading. My brain decides that it wants to think about something else and fills up with distracted thoughts.

At other times I might be given to wild enthusiasms for projects that create a kind of tunnel vision. I don’t really consider it a condition or detrimental as such. It’s just the way I am.

The only drawback is finding ways to unwind.

Cygnar Stormgunner from Warmachine

And I think that’s why I like doing this miniature painting thing. Unlike writing stories and songs, it has a mechanical quality that is straight forward. Building a tavern table wasn’t like wrestling with phrasing, sentence structure, or poetic flourishes.

Likewise, making some dungeon flooring for a Heroquest upgrade was just making something without recourse to how it would be received by an audience. No pressure, and the mechanical process lets my brain cool off for a minute.

Tavern table (balsa wood and tin foil)

Same with the light box I made the other day and which I used to take these photos. It was a process with a clear goal, something that writing a novel turns out not to be…..

Not long now and we’ll be all set for some dungeon crawling. This idea, in contrapoint, is another one of my fevered obsessions because as a fantasy writer there are always worlds to build and adventures to be orchestrated. It’ll be interesting to see how these heroes will perform when I test them against my fiendish designs.

Practice dungeon flooring (foam block)

So just another quick one. Coming up soon – I’ll be talking about the little revelation I had with regards to Red Star Rising – something so fundamentally obvious that I wonder how I missed it.

Until then, leave a comment, say hello and let me know how you’re doing out there.

Take care of yourselves.


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