Building A Light Box

Just Get On With It

With a few projects on the go, I wanted to get some better, half decent pictures of the smaller stuff – some of the fantasy minis I’ll be painting for fun and relaxation, but also some of my mum’s crystal jewellery that needs to be sold.

So I had a quick look at how to build a light box. Seemed pretty straight forward and so I ordered some cheap foam board.

Only problem with deciding to do these things is that if you don’t just get on and do it, then you end up with several piles of project material, and that increasing feeling of being overwhelmed.

So yesterday I just sat down and got it done…..

Putting It Together

With the basic gist in my head I set about the foam board with a ruler and a utility knife. The materials are quite inexpensive, so no worries if I totally goofed it.

First things first was to cut out the two side panels – just measure out an inch and get cutting – then trim down the top and bottom pieces. Lastly, cut out a panel in the top piece.

Simply stick it together, and then cut a few little supports out of the leftovers. Next I got some tracing paper and added it to the sides and the top.


Hmmm, little bit bowed – I think that was from where the paper was stuck on and the glue dried. Not to worry as you won’t be seeing the frame in the actual shots.

Last thing is to slip a piece of paper in the back and viola, ready to take some photos.

All in all pretty happy with it. Didn’t take too long and should do the trick nicely once I get a nice daylight lamp. Now all I need to do is work out how to use this Lumix digital camera that I’ve got on loan from the wife.


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