Unexpected Success


The core question for me was ‘what is the point of writing something if no one reads it?’ When I wrote that hastily worded post about coronavirus conspiracies, it didn’t get any likes, and I was just going to move on.

But being witness to some Facebook arguments, I considered I might post it on my personal page. As it felt like vanity I held off until I got a sudden slew of gibberish shoved my way and decided to shove back.

The result was that my post was liked, shared, and shared again, and then shared by those reposts. I was very, very surprised – especially when someone came to my profile simply because he liked a comment I made on an unrelated post and wondered if we had a similar outlook – and then he too shared it with some small amount of praise, saying that it was “very, very exeptional.”


Result – DJC has achieved a new high score: 319!

And so it goes. I’m still getting emails and still seeing occasional posts and all of it seems to be connected to dubious grifters, right wingers and the terminally deluded. The cultish nature of these beliefs makes it almost pointless to argue against.

Just as a base line of argument I find it incredulous that these people think the governments of the world can organise a global, collective deceit on this scale when even a modicum of awareness about political rivalry and conflicting interest shows the complete and utter dysfunction of human political hierarchies.

As for Bill Gates, he is certainly no philanthropic angel despite his charitable donations. At the very least he used dodgy business practices to corner the market and run an operating system racket. He is also assuredly a techno-fix nerd who wouldn’t think it out of place for you to swipe the chip in your hand for shopping. Does that mean he’s going to control you mind?

Not really. Most people have already chipepd themselves anyway – they paid for it when they bought their smart phones, and GPS means they can really track you everywhere you go – GPS is legally owned, I believe, by the American government. Still, no need to worry because the sheer amount of data generated has completely overwhelmed the human ability to process it. Imagine, millions of dick pics are sitting on secret service computers with no one looking at them.

On the other hand, the idea that Gates needs to create a virus so he can sell you the vaccine to make more money is a fairly lame business practice in itself. I think he’s probably got easier ways to make a quick couple of million.

I am, however, given to understand that he upset the evangelical christians in the US by saying that church had to be cancelled, and that he is also in favour of some base line social health care scheme. In a world where the religious, working class of America have been lead to believe that individual, capitalist culture equals “good” and “freedom”, and any kind of social programme is an evil communist plot, it is fairly clear that they are going to be against a national immunisation programme and anyone who tells them that they have to stay home and not go to church.

So yeah, can’t imagine why they would focus on Gates…..

So far, I haven’t come across a video that isn’t connected to some pretty far-right wing view points, and that’s on either side of the pond. Most of them thought are just grifters looking to profit off the back of the crisis and sell you a book or farm up fresh followers.

But worse than that is the total and utter incompetency of some of these people. One video claimed that a bill had been put through British parliament without anyone knowing it. First thing I did was check the bill at gov.co.uk. You can actually look at all the amendments and dates (by page) that they were enacted. I found….. nothing about mandatory vaccinations. The last alteration had been in March and that was for the provision of burial during a pandemic…..

Turns out this guy was just reading the automated date on the top of the page that changed every day.

Fucking clinical buffoonery!

Anyhew, I just want to say that the thing that makes me the most angry is the idea that this isn’t really killing people. It’s an insult to the people who have died, and to the people who have spent weeks recovering – one of the posters in the local support group has been suffering shortness of breath and exhaustion for her 7th week now.

But on the flip side the thing that gives me hope is the amount of work my local support group has done for the community. They were very quick off the mark, way ahead of our floundering government, and showing that people really can have plenty of initiative without authority needing to direct their hand. It was, in fact, the public’s will to act in the absence of governance that forced the establishment to instigate any kind of action in the first place.

Last thing then.

Here we are, rolling forward into an increasingly uncertain times and there’s not much I can do but keep on working with the question of whether what I’ve written is even worth the effort under the approaching clouds.

But positive thoughts……

I’ve come this far, and I’m really pushing into the edits to Red Star Rising now – and boy oh boy did I find some serious fuck ups in what was my submission text. How I missed those I do not know.

While I work on those, I’ll try and keep up with these shorter posts as they seem to be a good way to keep the work flow varied, and in a couple of weeks I’ll be ready to send the manuscript to an editor (who I assume are at least able to work from home, right?). Plus, as this pandemic shit is likely to still be with us, I’ll likely be posting the full novel for beta-readers. Then it’s on to the sequel and the edits for Mind-Thistle.

And who knows, maybe a little sharing of what I’m really supposed to be doing will garner me a little more unexpected success.


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