Heroquesting: Adventure, Innovation and Frivolous Fun


So a couple of weeks back I dug out a copy of Space Crusade (see: Look What I Found In the Cupboard), and it did indeed prompt a search for Games Workshop’s fantasy equivalent, Heroquest.

Back in the day I guess this was one of the OG dungeon crawling board games – descend into the dungeon, kill the monsters and find the loot. A recipe followed by computer games like Diablo ad infinitum, right?

So with me at the helm as the dark wizard (of course), my son, brother and wife set about a little quest.

Bruce was pretty into it too, although the concept of team work was a little lacking as he jogged off in the opposite direction to his party. Still, isn’t that one of the great things about these games – and roleplaying – that you learn a little bit of co-operation?

Nor was I overly impressed when my wife put a chaos warrior to sleep (as the mage) and then the pary proceeded to kick the crap out of him as he lay on the floor. I pointed out that they were supposed to be the “good guys” to which they responded that they were looting dungeons and not interested in the moral high ground.

One innovation that I had to improvise for Bruce was doing a bit of creative story telling – much as you would in a roleplaying game I suppose. With creaking doors, dark hallways and monsters emerging from the shadows, it really helped conjure an atmosphere for the boy.

On the downside, the game is pretty basic. I was thinking about all sorts of modifications to enhance the RPG element and make it a bit more rewarding.

To that end I was having a look around and there are some folks who’ve already done a bit of Pimp My Heroquest™, and I thought that maybe using a roleplaying system like Dungeon World‘s narrative based adventure might be combined with some physical components such as:

  • Modular dungeon floors can be made out of printed segments or made from rubber molds (such as sold by Hirst)
  • Lots of independent miniature companies selling characters, as well as drawing from Games Workshop, Privateer Press and a load of others.
  • Resin furniture can be obtained, like chests and tables.
  • Small faction boxes such as GW’s skirmish game Warcry can give you a dungeon load of creeps to take out.


Not cheap in total, but I was thinking about adding to it over time and spreading the cost.

And to be honest, it’s mostly just thinking out loud. A bit like how I then began to adapt my thinking to fit the Mind-Thistle Run story, something I already conceived of as a possible choose-your-own-adventure game. It’s an idea that just keeps on giving, but so far is still just an idea.

Anyhew, I’ll have to see how the work load goes, and on the other hand, if I had the money up front I might just invest in one of the numerous modern dungeon crawlers being produced  – I see things like Erune by Arkada Studios even have apps so you can play solo/co-op without someone being the dungeon master (not that an app will ever be as sneaky as me).

But that that would kinda spoil the DIY nature of the thing…..

So following on with the experiment in painting (see: For The Glory Of Chaos) I had a go at these chaos warriors. They’re pretty basic castings, but I’m actually pretty chuffed with how they P1000814came out.

And judging by what goes for “well painted” on eBay, I’d say I’d done a slap up job!

As for the pink, well I had “squid pink” on the table and Bruce thought it’d be a good idea to select the brightest colour in sight.

I’m sure Slaanesh would approve.

Funny thing is that I can’t shake this sense that this is frivolous, but then that’s exactly the point of doing it. I spend so long getting twisted over writing and playing guitar – treating the creative process like a job or career – that it’s nice to be doing something that isn’t so serious.

So that’s about it for today. Just a little mid-week ramble while I get ready for some editing and other stuff. I’ve not been playing much guitar without open mic to give me structure, but starting this week I’ve been picking it up and even started writing a couple of songs last night/this morning.

If all goes well I’ll have a go at some home recording and post it up in the foreseeable future.

(My wife’s also talking about doing some podcasting, but that might just be a step too far for me……)

So until later, stay safe and best wishes.


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