For The Glory Of Chaos (about that copy of Space Crusade I found….)


When this lock down started I posted the colouring-in I did with my boy (see: Lock Down Blues) and I remarked how the process had calmed my mind by temporarily focusing my attention on one thing.

So I thought I’d try my hand at painting some of those minis from Space Crusade (see: Look What I Found In the Cupboard). While not a total noob at this – I had some old paint and brushes fro about 10 years ago – I went from concerned that it was looking awful to pretty chuffed.

Not a bad job for my first attempt, if I may say so.

There was also a sense of satisfaction at finishing which I don’t normally get with writing. When I write I tend to dwell on how a story needed improving or modifying. This, by contrast, was just for fun. 

And yes, it’s a pretty lame sculpt in parts – the gauntlet in the picture has a big block merging with his body, and the leg trims lack some definition – so maybe I’ll try my hand at something more modern and post the results at some future date.

For now, I’m working on the idea that I could resurrect my copy of Heroquest, maybe pimp it a little with some new ideas – I’ve found some nice resin treasure chests and other bits and bobs.

So, as ever, one thing leads to another and my head is popping with ideas……

Anyhew, until later, keep safe and stay well.



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