Head Full O’ Beer: Venus, New Moon & Particle Explosion


I had just been for my government approved stroll down through the woods to the Heath with the last beer of the weekend, and upon getting back to the yurt was stuck by the need to relieve myself. There I was, standing at the back of the yurt where the make shift, out-door toilet is and there she was, the Moon!

As I stared up at that dangling crescent, hanging in the sky near the ever bright Venus, the song Particle Explosion came over my headphones……

“Welcome to the ending,

The ending of all time….

Welcome the beginning (yeah)

Of the ending of mankind…..”

For some reason it really didn’t seem all that bad – simple fatalism or resignation to the feeling that we’re all just a frame in the passage of history.

Perhaps it’s the album – Void – that the song came from with all it’s space references. There’s a certain smallness to our planet in the great expanse of the universe, so vast as to be beyond the comprehension of the human mind.

So perhaps a bit of Albert Camus too, and the notion of absurdity. In the end you just keep on going, even if doesn’t mean anything, simply as an act of resistance, laughing in the face of it all.

Two fingers up to existence!

And so while there was a beer-buzz and music, just for a moment there was a floating sense of levity to the whole affair.

C’est la vie…..

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