Lock Down Sketches: “Blue” & “Logo”

After my ruminations on the meditative quality of colouring in (see my earlier post here), I’ve been thinking about the good ol’ days when I used to do a lot of doodling – in school books, or sitting around my mate’s kitchen table, and at work.

Oh yeah, at work……

So here’s a little story – before I went to uni I worked in an office post room where I sorted and distributed the post and parcels. I was part of “office services”, and one of my extra duties was topping up the stationary cupboard. Needless to say that I popped an extra artists sketching set on the usual order, a really nice Daler-Rowney box with charcoals and graphite sticks in. No one said anything, and a year later I went off to uni without ever really using them.

Over twenty years later, we’re all stuck at home, and I’m thinking about doing a bit of art work. I’ve got some old paints, an easel and some canvas that I never used – I think I had intended to use them after doing a painting for my “Anthropology of Art” unit – but before I get into that I thought I might start working on some sketches.

Turns out I’ve still got the Daler-Rowney box so I sat down with a mind to have a little practice. My son’s teddy bear, Blue, was on the table and so I started with him, using a graphite stick.


And then I was thinking about a logo for the site and did this, then popped it through windows photo-whatsit to get the sepia tone.


Maybe I’ll take a little more time to practice over the next couple of days. I want to finish the short story for Saturday, and then I might take a little breather before I get to finishing the edit on the novel so we’ll see how it goes.

Hope you’re all well out there.


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