Look What I Found In the Cupboard

P1000796So, whilst mooching about the house I discovered my old copy of Space Crusade, and was surprised to find that it was complete. I thought it had been lost to the tides of time, but turns out it was wedged in a cupboard where my father had hoarded a load of old junk.

Thought it’d be fun to give it a whirl, and give the little monkey something else to focus on during our Easter holiday lockdown….

Thus the alternative title for this post is “Get Off That Damned iPad!”

I set about cleaning it up and we got a table out on the lawn. With my brother’s help we got the tattered remains of the gazebo out and set about working out how to play the game. You play the courageous space marines exploring a derelict “space hulk”, while the other player takes on the alien forces (for more, see the recent post about “Astartes”).

While I was happy to take the role of the evil chaos warlord in order to facilitate the fun factor, Bruce of course decided that he wanted to do the job. I asked him: “why? Don’t you want to be the heroic space marines?”


“Why not?”

“Because they don’t have a dreadnought.”

That’s my boy. Quick learner.


Anyhew, this has now triggered my brother to try and find the Games Workshop fantasy companion game Heroquest. It must be around here somewhere….

Meanwhile, it’s giving me an excuse to relive my childhood as a Warhammer fan. Ironic really, because I would grow up to support disarmament and political negotiation over warfare. Pretty much the opposite of the grimdark xenocide of Warhammer.

But then it’s a weird old world where everything today is topsy-turvey.

Well, just a quick one today – despite the gaming I have been working on the next part of the short story series. It got a little delayed, so expect Part 3 tomorrow. Until then, let me know what boardgames you’ve been playing, if any.

All the best,


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