Lock Down Reading: New Dark Age


Irony time. I’ve been trying to avoid social media – the sheer paranoiac lock down, pandemic, sensory over load of endless data streams pouring forth a 24hr rolling situation where there’s actually nothing you can do but accept your powerlessness.

And things like Facebook just become echo chambers of political satisfaction/dissatisfaction, socio-economic horror stories or celebs bemoaning their isolation in their millionaire pads. Meanwhile there are folk out there burning 5G masts (or what people have mistaken for 5G masts) and petitioning the government to stop microchip implants disguised as vaccines from turning us into remote controlled robots.

Paranoia and hysteria are the order of the day, and are a strange parallel to the book I started reading a few weeks ago: James Bridle’s New Dark Age: Technology and the End of the Future. The pertinent core of the book is how we have massively increased the amount of data available to us, yet at the same time we are unable to process it against a backdrop of a rapidly changing world.

Just like a certain, current epidemic outbreak where there’s so much information filling up your social media feed that you haven’t got time to sort through fact from fiction, and meanwhile people begin flooding the net with “conspiracy theories” – narratives that are akin to the superstitious folk tales of witch craft and devilry while we are faced with rising CO² levels that cause reduced cognitive function.

There’s a twist though. Things like chem-trails, while maybe wildly off the mark do actually focus on changing skies:

In 2017, the latest edition of the International Cloud Atlas, published by the World Meteorological Organistion, added a new classifier to its offical list of cloud formations. This is “homogenitus”, and it is used to describe those cloud formations that develop as a result of human acitivity.” (p.195)

These include stratus homogenitus – warm, moist air from urban and vehicle emissions that becomes a fog and rise up to form cumulus homogenitus – free floating cloud.

And all those jet engines, they create cirrus homogenitus, contrails that can persist for hours. The two versions, one scientific and one conspiracy, in essence…..

….contain the seeds of the same crisis. Contrails are the visible sign of what is ejected invisibibly from jet engine: carbon dioxide, the stupefying insulator that is increasing so rapidly and dangerously in the atmosphere. (p.196)

The irony is that these sky trails really are changing the weather and making us stupid, but given the pandemic there has been a massive locked down of plane flights, so perhaps there is some small silver lining to all this as the skies clear a little.

And perhaps one day we will be able to look back as a society on all this and find some good that came out of a situation beyond our control.

In the meantime, take care out there.



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