Amazing W40k Animated Short: “Astartes”


Have you checked out the animation project “Astartes” on Youtube? In the unlikely event that you’ve never heard of Warhammer 40k, then all you need to know is that there is nothing more iconic to this franchise than the Emperor of Mankind’s genetically enhanced super soldiers, the Adeptus Astartes. They are the equivalent of the SAS on steroids, clad in suits of armour that enhanced their speed and strength, and who are the devoted warrior monks of the Imperium.

The finale – part 5 – finally dropped and to think that this is the work of just one graphic design bod is amazing. What I love most about this animation is that he really captured the way I always imagined these space marines to move and act. All too often they have been depicted as slow and clunky – especially in some of the games – but here they move with decisive speed and instantaneous reactions, using co-ordinated attacks couple with an iron will.

One is really given to understand why they are considered the angels of death by their enemies.

Moreover, it also captures the strange perils that abound in the dark age of the 41st millennium, hinting at the precarious survival of humanity in a hostile cosmos where even the best of the best might not be enough to stand up to the existential horrors that lurk in the depths of space, just waiting to be discovered.

Anyhew, health and blessings to all you peeps out there in lock down land while old Father Nurgle has his fun. Hope you’re all coping, and a big up to the real super soldiers out there working on the front lines.

May the Emperor’s light protect you!


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