Lock Down Blues

Here we all then dear Reader, stuck in hard lock down for the foreseeable future. My heart goes out to those of you facing hardship, front line work and who have dependents. It’s a real shit storm.

Right now I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of spare time finding a way to pass time while my partner goes back to the NHS, my little boys off school and my parents drive me nuts by watching 24 hour news. In this milieu ideas stack up with nowhere to go and my brain does the mental equivalent of pacing up and down, muttering to itself while drink brandy and jabbing imaginary cigars at random notions with sudden cries of “Aha!”.

It’s like an automatic process I can’t control and sometimes it gets so busy in there with cooking up new ideas and formulating opinions that it leaves me in a mixed state of dejection, frustration and ennui. I know they say you should probably just let it all go right now, but like I said, I can’t turn the drive to get something done off very easily.

One apparent solution to the problem (and a way to “drive engagement” according to WordPress) might be to microblog – that is, writing small snippets of opinion and ideas that are manageable and can be done on the fly.

So to that end I thought I’d just sit down and make a start on the 1st of April with something that I’ve been doing while dealing with the lock down blues – colouring in with my little boy as part of his daily activities.

It’s said that the activity is therapeutic, like a meditation. I’m not sure I find it relaxing per se, but rather it focused me one one thing to the exclusion of other concerns: my mind was very focused on technique – palette, blending and mechanics.

Perhaps it’s a good way to train the brain to accomplish an artistic task?


What about you guys and gals? Getting anything done. Wishful thinking for some, I know. Hope you’re all safe and keeping an eye on each other.



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