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I like to think that I work pretty hard at this, and lately I tried my hand at creating more work for myself through Patreon.

But it hasn’t been sitting easy with me, especially in light of thoughts I’ve had over Christmas. So in the past couple of weeks I’ve given some thought to the balance between content and doing what I originally set out to do, which is to become an author.

No doubt there are those of you who have heard of “hustle porn”, people extolling the virtues of working themselves to the point of exhaustion and then bragging about it, all in the pursuit of wealth. The capitalist mentality and aspirationalism appears to be seeping into every facet of life, and especially in regards to turning your spare time, your hobbies and your art into product.

But one of the problems that arises is how much it effects creativity, an observation being that people who spend all their time worrying about money inhibit their creative powers. If you want creative people to contribute to society, they need to be supported and not have to work two day jobs and then come home to be writers, musicians and artists.

I’m lucky that I only have to do domestic labour as a daily task: cooking, cleaning and childcare. In regard to this, I find the idea of a universal basic income to be an appealing solution to acknowledging the amount of unpaid labour which domestic workers do in support of a nations GDP. It’d could also potentially remove layers of social support bureaucracy while giving people to actual time to be innovative, entrepreneurial and artistic.

But that’s a debate for another time, or another blog…..

Because what’s important right now is that this pernicious mentality, driven by my lack of funds, was beginning to colonise my mind. It had seeped in and I ramped up the work load. But the downside was the pressure inhibiting productivity. For example, it didn’t help me to write a Christmas short. I tried, and it didn’t happen – something that prompted the post about being honest – An “Oh, FFS!” Moment – a.k.a. “In Search of Honesty”.

Yet I pushed forward, setting up a proper Patreon account with tiers and goals, all with the unforeseen possibility that I was creating an unmanageable grind with the prospect of failing to deliver. Nor was getting paid to write this blog necessarily a goal I had originally aimed for – as a friend of mine said the other day, “you set out to be an author” and so I should refocus on bringing those fantasy worlds to reality.

However I stand by my statement that this blog can never be about empty self promotion, and blogging has been great for both developing as a writer and for getting ideas moving. It’s been stressful, yes, but it’s also been productive in its own way. So I’ll keep the content coming, from fantasy shorts and memoirs to reviews, and while I am at it there’ll be some new things coming up as R,S&F develops over the year.

But for those out there who want to support this blog, then I’d still like to offer you all the chance to contribute and get a little more engagement. To that end I’ve simplified Patreon’s scope, ditched the tiers and the goals and set a basic level of payment. It’s my hope that I can simply earn enough for the blog to pay for its own maintenance.

So for the princely sum of just $1 p/m you can not only keep this blog running, but as a token of thanks you’ll receive:

  1. Crow’s undying gratitude! Hey, what more could you ask for, right?
  2. Okay, okay, you’ll also get your name in lights on on R,S&F‘s Monthly Honour Roll in digital perpetuity!
  3. And I’ll send you an invitation to join me monthly for a Discord chat and AMA session.
  4. Finally, I’ll put up periodic patron only content and offers via my Patreon page.

So there you have it. I’ll not compromise on what I do, nor on what I’ve achieved so far, and if you think that’s worth something then I’ll welcome you on board as a fan.

At the same time feel free to let me know what you think of the idea of Patreon – is it something you would consider? Do you follow anyone and is it value for money? Or is it something that’s just a gimmick?

I’ll leave it there for now, and crack on with some juicy posts that’ll be heading your way soon because you know, being self employed, there’s always more work to be getting on with. All I need to remember is to not let the financial needs (and hey, who of us doesn’t have those?) curb those creative impulses.

So until later, dear Readers, adieu!


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