Welcome to Root, Star & Feather


Welcome to the new site.


As I made clear in previous posts (see Janus Transitions #1 and #2) I am moving forward and developing this blog to steer it away from being simply about self-promotion and work towards bringing you more consistent content.

To that end I have given the site a cosmetic make-over and intend to follow a schedule of regular posts.

Coming up are new short stories, as well as serials, more focused articles as well as opinion pieces, reviews for books as well as music, and any other oddities that I pen.

My next post will be detailing one of the projects that I have in mind: Brain Boil: Mind-Thistle Reloaded (going live in about an hour from this posting)


There’s plenty of work ahead, and although I want to move away from certain topics or develop others to a higher standard, I thought it would be helpful to give you an overview of the kind of material this site will be delivering:

Recent Articles & Biographicals

In future I’ll be moving on from retrospectives, but this is the journey that brought me to this point.

Janus Transitions #1: Looking Back

Janus Transition #2: Forward, Only Forward!

The Road Behind, The Road Ahead (From Summer Into Autumn)

Circles Within Circles (post Summer Solstice 2019)

Excuses? (The Return of Procrastination)

Short Stories

I’ll aim to deliver one of these or a serial post every month.

Irrevenant: Part 1

Crumbs For Crow: A Solstice Fairy Tale

The Mind-Thistle Run

Crow Amuses Himself

Sometimes my alter ego just likes to spout nonsense.

#1: Tossing A Profound Word Salad

#2: Everything’s Ruined/Nothing Works

#3: Apocalypse Disco


An example of the kind of things I write when the mania takes hold.

Cassandra Says Hi, Dickhead


These are a little basic. In future there will be more detailed, nuanced reviews for not only books but also music.

Review: The Killing Moon (N.K. Jemisin)

Review: Priory of the Orange Tree (Samantha Shannon)


Thanks for reading.

Join me and see what the year ahead has to offer.

I can see it’s going to be a damn busy time, but I also think it’s going to be damned interesting too.

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