Moving Forward in 2019: Update and New Schedule

afternoon 2

Salutations to my small (but loyal) readership out there.

2019 is underway and I’m back from taking a brief break from blogging while I make some changes and put my head into the wringer of editing. I was sure that I’d answered the feedback when I made the changes, but what can you do……

When You’ve Written A Load Of Flab?

correctionsReading over my edits I was shocked. I had added a load of flab laden guff to the text.

And I hated it!

Frustrated, it appeared that I had done a fantastic job of sabotaging my own work and thought that I was faced with weeks going through it all again before I could post teasers and write submissions.

These negative dips often take a couple of days to flush from my system, but thankfully I have a very understanding partner who is quite prepared to say that I am being an arse about the whole thing. We organised a fresh, daily schedule to tackle the problem and I began to work the flab out, whittling it down into lean, gritty text.

And as you pull your head out your arse you see realise that the tiny voice that had been in the back of your head, telling you how unreasonable you were being with yourself, was right all along.

Moving Forward

We also did a bit of brain storming about how to proceed with this project; I’ve covered the objectives of social media and thoughts about publishing, but there were a few things that needed changing.

So, here’s the thinking going forward into this year.

New Bi-Monthly Posting Schedule

First I’ll be making more space to work on novels and shorts, the actual material that I want people to follow me for. This will mean moving to a bi-monthly posting with a focus on one narrative orientated post per month, followed by a one non-fiction post of my chosing.


Included in the above will be the completion and posting of teasers for Red Star Rising (whoo hoo!), so if you’ve been wondering just what all the damn fuss is about, I promise that it’ll be starting soon.

Mailing List/Exclusive Content

Posting more of my work it’ll be good to build a core readership of loyal fans who want to read the series of novels that will be coming out (hopefully). For those people I’ll be starting a mailing list that will offer readers news, some exclusives and hopefully special offers.

This will be work in progress, so don’t expect too much too soon, but do keep a look out for the pop up submission box coming soon.

Writing A Submission

With the edits fixed, I started looking up how to write a submission (info like this). This included: writing a short and a long synopsis, a succinct biographical, and details about the book that make the agent want to read more.

So we cycle back around to the ‘pitch’: I’ve contemplated just what it’s supposed to be like, but it’s jumps from one thing to the next. Is it Michael Moorcock meets Scott Lynch? Is it Raymond Chandler meets Jack Vance?

Do I say it’s a remedy for all the tired Game of Throne’s clones? That it’s gritty without the grim realism of some modern takes? Of the full on shock value of others – yes Bakker, the cannibalistic rape orgy of the Great Ordeal was……. well, need I say more?

And so one walks the tightrope of saying that, on the one hand, it is like something successful, but on the other it is something new and fresh.

Let’s call this a work in progress for the moment. I should likely write a post reflecting on writing synopsis in the future.

Writers Circle

Finally, the writers circle. I tested the waters with this but didn’t get any interest. For the moment I’m thinking that it’ll have to go on a back burner until I can dedicate a block of time to its genesis – mainly on doing the footwork around the local community: local coffee shops, the bookshop and library, notice boards and the super nerd’s toy shop.

Well, that’s about it for now. Not a very exciting post but just a quick update on how things are developing. I look forward to bringing you something more interesting next time.

Until then, adieu!

NEXT POST: The Cosmic Highway

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